Nancy Kim

Broker, RE Consultant

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Nancy KimBroker, RE Consultant

 Would you like to know what your home is worth?

 What makes Nancy Kim so effective...

Finding the ultimate home and selling a                   
home for the right price takes in-depth
marketing knowledge and solid advice.
Nancy studies the market and acquaints 
herself with the needs of her clients. She
is indefatigable in this task.
People Skills
Nancy takes you through the buying and/or
selling process with ease. If tensions 
build or situations become emotional, 
Nancy has a way of diffusing the stress so
a transaction can move forward to a sat-
isfactory clonclusion to all parties.
Nancy is always on call and ready to serve
her clients' needs. As a sold practitioner, 
Nancy assists every client herself, from
the start to finish.
 Communication Skills
Listening to and understanding a client's
needs are the most important part of her
approach. Nancy has an uncanny ability 
to match people's housing needs with 
available real estate.
Client Commitment
A client's needs are of utmost importance.
Nancy's interest is not jsut for profit, but
motivated by her sincere interest in each
client as a very import person. Nancy
provides a "Work of the Heart" service.
Nancy creates a circle of friendship with
her clients...a rarity in today's fast
moving world. Nancy is writing her 
success story one happy chapter at a time!
Timely Closings
Keeping open lines of communication
leads to a smooth closing. Staying on 
top of each transaction is imperattive.
"Trusted Name Friends Recommend"